Welcome to my blog page…my 1st entry :D

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera…. WELCOME to Shaja Ratul blog page. I’m very happy….now i have my own blog…now I can share with everyone .. all the tips, diy, articles, real events and other pretty things that I have here ; in Shaja Ratul . Hopefully this page will give me better opportunity to communicate with everyone and Insyallah from there I will try my best to improve our service

I think I should introduce myself first… my full name Shajaratul Dur Ismail, owner of Shajaratul Design & Shajaratul Collection. I love flowers a lot…and also art crafts and also event planning..esp weddings. Since 2004, I’ve helped many couples to plan and execute their dream wedding and now due to time limitation, I’m focusing more on hantaran, wedding gifts and craft supplies. I will share my work on flower decoration in this section and for the gifts/bunga pahar/ bunga telur / hantaran, you can view them in my website : www.shajaratul.com

We have 3 showrooms, two in Tmn Puncak Jalil ( open daily from 10am – 6pm, weekend with appmnts, Monday close )

For hantaran & custom-made gifts/bunga pahar/bunga telur

No 148-1 , Jln PUJ 3/2, Tmn puncak jalil ,seri kembangan, selangor

Tel : 03-89401167

For craft supplies; wedding favors, gifts, boxes,ribbons, silver/gold wires, crystal, beads….etc

No 20-G , Jln PUJ 3/11, Tmn puncak jalil ,seri kembangan, selangor

and another showroom, which is a smaller one, isĀ  in ‘Pasar Moden TTDI’ , KL; only on handmade flowers.

Im not really good in writing..esp in english…if i cant really find the mood to write, then….” terpaksa guna bahasa rojak sana dan sini..”. :) jadi mohon maaf jika ada kesalahan bahasa di mana2…:)

till next entry… any opinion/suggestion/comments is much appreciated. Please email me at shaja_ratul@yahoo.com.






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