Bunga kapur dan bunga pinang….penyeri sireh junjung..

For the past few weeks… ive been trying so hard to learn the right skill on how to do this bunga pinang and bunga kapur. Yesterday managed to prepare 1 stalk of bunga kapur and it took me nearly an hour to do that!!!…ermmmm….really need to speedup or else rasanya mampu buat untuk diri sendiri je…:). Surely not for sale at the moment. 😀

Just to share it with everyone…the final result of my 2 weeks experiment..:D

Need to improve more on bunga kapur….more or less the same skill with fondant flower… ermmmm….love the tiny teeny tiny little flower …sgt cute .. but to do it…masyaallah..bleh sakit jiwaaa ..:). anyway.. will update again about this bunga kapur soon…and last but not least.. sample pic of sireh junjung with the flowers….:).

till next entry… take care!



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