Rhinestone ribbon buckle

I actually have this in stock for nearly a year already. I only have 2 sizes, 20pcs for each size and not sure if there’s a demand for this item.I bought it for my own personal use (  for my bridal hand bouquet )

We call it Rhinestone Ribbon buckle.

Sample of gifts and cards that use this item are as below :

Source : http://www.best-wedding-ideas.com/lace-wedding-invitations.html


Cantik kan…tapi shaja lagi suka guna rhinestone nie di handbouquet…contoh :

source : http://www.yourweddingcompany.com

So to those interested to have this ribbon buckle, please email me for further info. As I mention earlier… I only have 20pcs for each sizes….price would be

RM3.50( 1cm x 2 cm  )

RM5.00 ( 1.5cm x 2.5cm  )


Thank you